Youtuber's SECRET Roadtrip Stories ft MrJWW, SeenThroughGlass and Seb Delaneny!!

Youtuber's SECRET Roadtrip Stories ft MrJWW, SeenThroughGlass and Seb Delaneny!!
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Back together (Virtually) for a special Youtube video!! Sharing our greatest supercar roadtrip memories. Sam (SeenThroughGlass, James (MrJWW) and Seb (Seb Delanney) and myself discuss what makes an epic supercar roadtrip!!

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36 Comments on “Youtuber's SECRET Roadtrip Stories ft MrJWW, SeenThroughGlass and Seb Delaneny!!”

  1. Mate I've litterally been watching all the videos from all the Monaco trips over the past few years that you guys have done! I would give anything to done a supercar roadtrip like you's do with great friends. Cannot wait for more in the future. 🙂

  2. Yeh road trips are defo the best – should run a competition, one subscriber from each channel could win a chance to come on a road trip with you guys (in their own car…). Would be interesting

  3. I think I have seen so many road trip videos from these guys that it’s the reason I’m planning my first trip in my new car with some pretty nice cars joining too!

  4. Someone said below but…. These road trips were the best content you 'car yoututbers' made. It just feels more real and down to earth rather than doing all these press launches or whatever else it is. I'd put money on 90+% of your audience preferring this type of content over the commercial stuff.

  5. I used to imagine/dream of myself being with the guys in Monaco, seeing all those road trip videos. Would wait eagearly for the next video to arrive. Man those days were awesome. Hope to see more Monaco roadtrips with the guys.

  6. Those road trips were peak content, watching each others videos on the same road trip, the modball with you and Sam in the Rolls Royce is what got me started into watching car youtubers videos

  7. Watching Sam talk about the London to Monaco road trip got me right in the feels. My favourite road trip is only a 3.5 hour trip from Sydney to Bathurst that I get to do with my brother a couple of a times a year when we go to Mount Panorama for the Bathurst 1000 and Bathurst 12 hour. whilst it is only a simple drive, we have a set routine where we deliberately run our tanks empty, leave super early to get fuel and check air pressure in tyres and then "race" to Bathurst. there is a prize for who gets there first within the speed limit, but also whoever gets better fuel economy.. .. it's a really simple challenge that we do just to make it more fun

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