[Where’s Shmee] Speciale Test Drive, FXX K on Fiorano – 2015 Episode 07

Day seven of the 2015 Where’s Shmee tour as we continue on our adventure with the McLaren 650S Spider, BMW M4, and Nightshift Studio crew filming a documentary about the trip.

The seventh day takes us back to Maranello to visit BULLBAR Club’s Italian Luxury Car Hire location near the Ferrari museum to take a 458 Speciale for a test drive.

Bull Bar Club: http://bullbarclub.com/

We then venture to the Fiorano test track with perfect timing to experience an FXX K race version of the LaFerrari and a 458 GT3 blasting round. After a brilliant day we head North to Brescia.

Tomorrow we’ll attend Cars and Coffee Brescia before the final leg of the first part of the tour taking us into Monaco.

Thanks for watching, Tim

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