[Where’s Shmee] Motor World, Gemballa Mistrale, VOS Huracan – 2015 Episode 03

Day three of the 2015 Where’s Shmee tour as we continue on our adventure with the McLaren 650S Spider, BMW M4, and Nightshift Studio crew filming a documentary about the trip.

The third day starts continues in the Stuttgart region with a day kicking off touring the Motor World venue, before venturing over to Gemballa to road test the Mistrale. From there we head to the VOS Cars supercar dealership and head out for a spin in the VOS Performance Huracan, before coincidentally meeting a friend on the motorway on the way back to our hotel.

Tomorrow we head on further south, with visits to two more locations in Germany before reaching the Alps and continuing into Italy.

Thanks for watching, Tim

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