[Where’s Shmee] Cars and Coffee Brescia, Xenia and over to Monaco – 2015 Episode 08

Day eight of the 2015 Where’s Shmee tour as we continue on our adventure with the McLaren 650S Spider, BMW M4, and Nightshift Studio crew filming a documentary about the trip.

The eighth day takes us to Cars and Coffee Brescia, an event with over 200 cars gathering at a private location before a supercar convoy to the Mille Miglia museum. At the event I meet and talk to Xenia Tchoumitcheva, hear some awesome cars revving, chase down the best in the convoy, and finally host a meeting on our arrival at the museum. It’s then a few hours to Monaco, and part one of the trip is complete.

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Tomorrow is an opportunity to rest before things get crazy in Monaco, I’ll show you around our house here and some of the gear being used for these videos.

Thanks for watching, Tim

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