TRC Supra battles Twin Turbo Lamborghini – STREET RACING!

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This time our Real Street Performance built Supra goes up against one of the fastest pump gas UGR TT Gallardo’s in the world. This Lamborghini is equipped with a built motor and trans, twin 67MM turbos, wide body modification to fit wider tires and recent weight reduction with a carbon ceramic brake system. On this race we raised the boost on the Supra to 40PSI. It was a close one, enjoy!

Special thanks to:
Rich Auto Works
[email protected]
Andre EMS
BDB Phillips

TRC Supra mods:
Real Street Performance built
Manley engine internals(stock compression)
Precision 7675 Turbo
Porting Solutions race port head (pricing contact 954-639-3600)
Powerhouse Racing S45 Turbo Manifold
Powerhouse Racing Triple Walbro pump setup
GSC S2 cams
Stock intake manifold
clutch masters fx850 clutch

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