The WORLDS FASTEST Car in the 1/2 Mile – 240 MPH Turbo Lambo!!

Underground Racing does it ONCE AGAIN! Gidi Chamdi re-takes the standing 1/2 mile WORLD RECORD in his 2300hp + Twin Turbo Lamborghini Superleggera! He once held the record at 234MPH, then KC Howeth broke that record at 238.6 MPH last year in Texas. This weekend, over 1 mile above sea level with a density altitude (what the air acts like based on weather) over 8,000ft (recorded at 9500ft on Saturday) – Gidi becomes the FIRST person to break the 240mph barrier in a standing half mile (0-240mph in the 1/2 mile)

The X Package equipped Lamborghini lays down over 2300hp, and was even having issues doing that, spinning in the lower gears to push through the monsterous record, running 240.64MPH at the Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack in Colorado Springs, CO – Presented by Shift S3ctor &!

With many more 1/2 mile events this year, we will see just how long this record sticks around for!


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