The 200 Mile Electric Car Range Test!

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The 200 Mile Electric Car Range Test!
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Electric cars. Some love, some hate. I wanted to test Peugeot’s range claim of 217 miles, and see whether Range Anxiety exists in this new wave of electric daily drivers! The new e-208 was a great little car to spend more time in!

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25 Comments on “The 200 Mile Electric Car Range Test!”

  1. Canal we just stop selling electric car as a zero emission eco friendly car? For the moment is just not much better than a used car… yes they have their place in cities, why not, as long as the electricity that we use is green and for the moment it's not the case. Right now we just have to use our car when we really need it and that's it. I am all for progress but at the right time and in the right direction.

    By the way, great content?

  2. I'd like to have an electric car, but they're so expensive and i worry about the distance, especially a 400 mile trip, it would be good if you could purchase an emergency plug in mobile battery pack which can be re charged up indoors and gives you a further 200 miles top up, a bit like a mobile rechargeable jump start for petrol cars.

  3. I'm amazed, having sold cars for 26 years and probably around 20 with Peugeot alone the new 208 is proving to be incredibly popular. What is surprisingly the whole team I work with is not only how great the car is but also how popular the electric 208 is proving to be. We have sold in the region of 15-16 New 208's in the last couple of weeks and around 8 pure electric. Amazing car absolutely love it. If you want one call me on 0115 962 6467 John Blackmore @ Robins and Day Peugeot Nottingham or email me at [email protected]

  4. The quality of your content and style in this video has been totally upgraded Paul!! Super impressed at how you’ve change your content and how it keeps getting better and better over time! I’ve been a subscriber since you had your Audi R8! I would love to meet you one day! Keep on doing amazing things Paul! Thank you for everything!

  5. If this was (as it looked to be) a new car,the range computer adjusts to your driving style over time..the range figure gets more realistic.With 200+ mile range,I'd disagree this is an A-B city car..if you had 100 mile range,maybe..

  6. Channel is called "Supercars of London".
    Video has no supercars nor does it take place in London. Instead, we get a Peugeot 208. Might be time to change the name of your channel, dude.

  7. Great posting I’m looking to buy the new Vauxhall Corsa e which is basically the same car as this as PSA group brought Vauxhall Opel from GM three years ago.The lack of charging stations is a concern their needs to be a lot more put in. more postings like this please

  8. So what's next, which electric scooter is best? I note you didn't plug in to a charger once you reached your destination so you would be screwed on your return journey. Leccy cars in the real world are only good enough if you return to your start destination where you can comfortably recharge. Charging car rates are now common, gone are the 'free charging' free motoring adverts. To run they are about half the cost of small hybrid, petrol car. You just have to stump up the extra £10k to buy the car in the first place, they are not eco friendly either, you cannot dispose of the batteries environmentally. And finally, the gov't has got it wrong ( as they did with diesels). Hydrogen cars are the way forward ( and yes I know there are only 14 hydrogen pumps in the UK) and so the infrastructure for this is literally decades away. After using Petrol vehicles for 40 years, the good times are coming to an end. Make the most of it while you can. On the meantime your Lambo has spent more time off the road than on it. That's supercar ownership for you. !

  9. Roughly speaking, 20% of the world's population is using 80-90% of its resources. This means that a very small number of people are using pretty much all of the fossil fuels and producing nearly all the carbon emissions (for example, to offset the emissions for one 12hour flight means not driving in a car by yourself for one whole year, think about the implications of that). And given that 10% of the world owns 90% in wealth, it is the NUMBER 1 responsibility for the rich people (by that i mean anyone not living in poverty) to act against climate change. Most of the world's population has very little impact on climate. It's us rich people that consume and consume and consume. And because we are rich, we have the ability to start the change, by buying electric cars, by putting solar panels on the roofs of our houses and not using coal power, and using the solar to charge the cars and power the oven and kettle etc. We've been talking about this electric thing for near on 10 years since Tesla put itself on the map. We can't keep putting it off year after year. I love fast cars and I love a big V12. but for daily use, in most big cities around the world, there is absolutely no excuse for needing a petrol/diesel car any longer. Let's get the ball rolling, for real this time. Thank you Paul for being a car youtuber that is open to electricity so much. I do feel that car youtubers have a huge responsibility with promoting a somewhat ethical relationship to cars given our current circumstances, because your audiences really do listen to your opinions. I'm all for a weekend v8, but for 95% of use, electricity is the way to go. Let's not forget that the electric motor gets used not just in conjunction with batteries but also with hydrogen fuel cells. Maybe battery technology isn't the ultimate future, but electricity may well be. Keep this content going Paul!

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