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The Trunk Monkey television ads, loosely based on this concept, were created in 2003 by the advertising agency R/West in Portland, Oregon. Originally created for the Suburban Auto Group of Sandy, Oregon, the syndicated commercials are now the primary source of revenue for the agency.
The commercials focus on the Trunk Monkey, a fictional dealer-installed option on cars. The optional feature consists of a live chimpanzee inside the trunk and a special button in the passenger compartment. The button is pressed in situations not found in the user’s manual such as handling irate drivers in traffic, dealing with unruly children throwing eggs at the car, negotiating with highway patrol officers after being pulled over, helping deliver a child when a nearby hospital is not accessible, or dispatching a gang in the parking lot. The Trunk Monkey is also portrayed as an effective theft deterrent, as seen in one commercial where the chimpanzee knocks out a would-be car thief and throws him off a bridge. The chimpanzee also administers first aid to the driver after an accident. In addition, its security abilities are effective during a driver’s daughter’s first date or an alien invasion.
2015 Super Bowl XLIX National anthem sung by Idina Menzel
2015 Super Bowl XLIX Halftime show Katy Perry featuring Missy Elliott and Lenny Kravitz
A large number of automotive advertisers have reduced their advertising during the game, to be replaced by a wave of first-time 2015 Super Bowl advertisers, including Skittles, Carnival Cruise Lines, Loctite, Mophie and, among at least ten others: Avocados From Mexico 2015 super bowl commercial; Bud Light life-size Pac-Man maze in action ; Budweiser 2015 SuperBowl commercial “Lost Dog”; 2015 SuperBowl commercial BMW i3, Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel ; Coke 2015 SuperBowl commercial game day ; Discover Card 2015 SuperBowl commercial ; Doritos “Crash the Super Bowl 2015” ; Dove Men+Care ; Esurance 2015 SuperBowl commercial ; “Fast & Furious trailer : Supercharged.” ; Fiat 2015 SuperBowl commercial Chrysler ; Super Bowl, GoDaddy Danica Patrick Puppy commercial 2015; “Heroes Charge” (uCool) ; James Bond Pierce Brosnan 2015 SuperBowl commercial Kia 2016 Kia Sorento ; Lexus NX 2015 SuperBowl commercial ; Loctite’s less-than-a-year-old #WinAtGlue campaign ; 2015 SuperBowl commercial McDonald’s ; tortoise vs. the hare Mercedes’ 2015 SuperBowl commercial Kate Upton ; Microsoft ; Mophie God commercial ; Nationwide Mindy Kaling ; Nissan’s Super Bowl spot ; Skechers ; Skittles kurt warner tail gate commercial ; Snickers Brady Bunch ; Squarespace jeff bridges tv ad; T Mobile One ad 2015; Toyota 2015 SuperBowl commercial Team Toyota athlete Amy Purdy; 2015 SuperBowl commercial Victoria Secret models including Candice Swanepoel, Alessandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima ; 2015 SuperBowl commercial Kim Kardashian spot to her 28 million-plus Twitter followers ” save the data” in a mock-PSA promoting T-Mobile’s data-rollover plan. 2015 SuperBowl commercial Chelsea Handler and Sarah Silverman.. NBC will post the Super Bowl commercials on a Tumblr blog in real-time, immediately after they air during the game telecast.
Paramount Pictures, Universal Studios, Walt Disney Studios, 20th Century Fox and Lionsgate paid for movie trailers to be aired during the Super Bowl 2015. Paramount paid for Hot Tub Time Machine 2 trailer and Terminator Genisys trailer. Universal paid for Jurassic World trailer, Minions trailer, Furious 7 trailer, and the debut trailer for Ted 2. Fox paid for Fantastic Four trailer. Lionsgate paid for The Divergent Series: Insurgent trailer during the pre-game show. Disney paid for Tomorrowland trailer.
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Super Bowl advertisements have also become a cultural phenomenon of their own; many viewers only watch the big game / 2015 Super Bowl XLIX to see the super bowl commercials while national surveys (such as the USA Today Super Bowl Ad Meter) judge which super bowl commercial advertisement carried the best viewer response.