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FIAT 500C go for the Guinness World Record in stunt parking for the tightest skid into a parallel parking space with just 7.5 cm to spare in the FIAT 500C!
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Guinness World Records, known from its inception in 1955 through 1998 as The Guinness Book of Records and in previous U.S. editions as The Guinness Book of World Records, is a reference book published annually, listing world records, both human achievements and the extremes of the natural world. The book itself holds a world record, as the best-selling copyrighted book of all time.[2] It is one of the most frequently stolen books from public libraries in the United States.[3] As of 2015 edition it is now in its 61st year of publication.

The international franchise has extended beyond print to include television series and museums. The popularity of the franchise has resulted in Guinness World Records becoming the primary international authority on the cataloguing and verification of a huge number of world records – the organization employs official record adjudicators authorised to verify the authenticity of the setting and breaking of records.
Parallel parking is a method of parking a vehicle in line with other parked vehicles. Parallel parking requires initially driving slightly past the parking space, parallel to the parked vehicle in front of that space, (hence the term ‘Parallel Parking’), keeping a safe distance, then followed by reversing into that space. Subsequent position adjustment may require the use of forward and reverse gears.
Video of The Guinness World Record in a parallel parking space is just 7.5 cm to spare by the FIAT 500C set in 2015 by FIAT.
How To Parallel Park
Parallel parking is considered to be one of the hardest skills for new drivers to learn. Parallel parking enables the driver to park a vehicle in a smaller space than would be true of forward parking. Driving forward into a parking space on the side of a road is typically not possible unless two successive parking spaces are empty. Reversing into the spot via the parallel parking technique allows one to take advantage of a single empty space not much longer than the car (in order to complete the parking within three wheel-turns the parking space would generally need to be about one and a half car-length long).

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New drivers learn to use reference points to align themselves in relation to the car in front of the space, to determine the proper angle for backing, and to determine when to turn the steering wheel while backing. They may find it easier to briefly stop at each reference point and turn for the next step.
The FIAT 500 is available with four different trim levels: FIAT 500 Naked (not available in the United Kingdom or Italy; opting for this FIAT 500 trim level means that the car does not have the seven airbags meaning that the passenger safety rating drops), FIAT 500 Pop, FIAT 500 Lounge, and FIAT 500 Sport. Customers can also choose between 15 FIAT 500 interior trims, nine FIAT 500 wheel options, 19 FIAT 500 decals, and 12 FIAT 500 body colors. There are over 500,000 different FIAT 500 personalized combinations of the FIAT 500 that can be made by adding all kinds of FIAT 500 accessories, FIAT 500 decals, FIAT 500 interior and exterior colours, and trims.[8] The car is also available with the Blue&Me navigation system. The American FIAT 500 Sport version has the 1.4 litre Multiair engine, which is manufactured in Michigan.

The car was chosen to herald the marque’s official return to the American market after an absence of 27 years.

The 1 millionth Fiat 500 rolled out of production line on 19 November 2012.