Shmee150 Q and A – McLaren 650S – January 2015

Since revealing the new Shmeemobile McLaren 650S, you guys have been firing questions left, right and centre. We asked you to put them all in one place on a Facebook video and here are some answers to the popular questions.

1. 0:30 Am I going to wrap the 650S?
2. 1:08 Exhausts or modifications?
3. 1:42 Did you consider an Aston Martin or Huracan?
4. 2:55 How does 650S compare to 12C?
5. 4:11 Disadvantages of owning a supercar?
6, 5:28 Are you getting a P1 next?
7. 5:55 Does the 650S make flames?
8. 6:22 What is your job?
9. 8:20 Why is the Shmee150 logo still blue?
10. 9:05 Where am I going this year?
11. 9:40 Will the 650S drift?
12. 12:01 Do you see yourself driving another brand in future?
13. 10:51 Do you miss any old Shmeemobiles?
14. 12:05 Will you get a new summer toy?

Thanks for watching, Tim


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