My BIGGEST Life Change is HERE | Motivational Transformation

My BIGGEST Life Change is HERE | Motivational Transformation
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My Grenade 90 Day transformation starts now! Driving supercars and going to the gym are my 2 favourite things in the world!
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31 Replies to “My BIGGEST Life Change is HERE | Motivational Transformation”

  1. chris hughes

    Start a different channel for this crap…..seriously at what point did you think this was a good idea that relates to cars?? Sponsored.??….. that will be a yes then …

  2. ArcherBoy27

    I mean, great for you to have this motivation to get fit etc, but your channel is called Supercars of London. Bring back the insane cars and modifications. I miss the days you went down to Monaco with STG, Shmee and Mr JWW to Sebs house.

  3. CG

    I don’t come here to watch a slightly chubby 29 yr old get a trainer (sponsored I assume) – you should really focus on your core car content, not this dull peripheral daily life stuff. Next we will be seeing videos of you going shopping, cooking your dinner etc etc………


    I’m confused 🤔 this channel is like watching a chicken run round with it’s head cut of before it dies. I think 2020 will be the year SOL finishes.

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