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Meeting up with Nathan who is part of Team Grenade as he helps me with my 90 day transformation. Oh and I drift Archie’s new Mercedes AMG A45s too! DRIFT MODE ENGAGED!!!

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24 Replies to “Mercedes AMG Drift & Gym | ULTIMATE WORKOUT ROUTINE!!”

  1. Just Drive

    We really enjoy your content😎 , sad that we will not see you this year during Bahrain GP due to the Covid-19 situation all around the world 😒

  2. Carl Rebeiro

    Two automobile YouTubers who haven't got a clue as to what they're doing. Promises, talk, and nothing really said or done. I already unsubscribed Archie, and Paul just joined him. Will the last person to unsub please turn out the lights?

  3. Racelinekarting

    Paul, gym content is so dull. You did many need a 90 day transformation as you were already in good shape. What are you training for…….??? Not much. Pick an event and train for that. Achieve something with your fitness, do an event, Ironman, grizzly anything. Pushing weights will give you great bod but if you want to be fit do an event with competition then you know how much you need to go. Satisfaction, achievement will be far greater

  4. Nick Watson

    You should try going to the gym at 5/6 am, believe me, it will change your life definitely… when you do something for you early in the morning it set the rest of your day with positive feelings, and motivate you to do more stuffπŸ˜„ That changed my life, and I encourage everybody to cry to just try it eave if you will be tired for the rest of the day just try😊 I hope you have a great day and keep putting out the best automotive content on youtube πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ

  5. george giang

    keep it up paul.Not much left for the reveal.Here in greece things are bad and i don't get to go to the gym because they are all closed and .i do my home workout but its not the same and its hard..KEEP IT UP LAD

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