Meet the Football Freestyler who LOVES Lamborghini!!

Meet the Football Freestyler who LOVES Lamborghini!!
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Such a sick day driving the Onyx Lamborghini Aventador SX, hanging out with Liv Cooke and Grenade!!
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26 Replies to “Meet the Football Freestyler who LOVES Lamborghini!!”

  1. Yep Yep Yep

    I'm loving the last few vids you have done! All this new stuff you say is coming, does that mean your dropping this once a week video crap or you gonna film a years worth of content over a few months?😂 been a fan of the channel for years just wanna see more regular stuff👍🏽👍🏽

  2. S C

    Looks like a divorced Mum playing football what a load of wank…..please if this is the best you can do…as you progressed go back to filming cars on the street

  3. Racelinekarting

    Followed your channels for years. But to be honest if you are now only doing one video a week (as mentioned in a previous video) then the quality needs to be improved immensely. JWW has the best quality videos. So well shot. This just seems like you are being lazy Paul on a kick a ball about for a weeks work.

  4. Xterd

    Paul please keep it a channel about cars. If you want to do sports better make a second channel. Also the promotion vids are getting a bit annoying. Greets, a long term follower.

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