McLAREN 675LT: THE FIRST DRIVE [Road to 675LT Episode 02]

Now is when it all starts to feel real! A major step on my road to delivery of the McLaren 675LT, the road test. I was invited to take part in the press event, 675LT The Drive, with the new car which included a number of laps on the Silverstone International Circuit before a road route in the local area.

Is it everything it’s cracked up to be? In a nutshell, it absolutely is. The McLaren 675LT is undeniably fast, hugely involving and emotional to drive. It carries a revised and improved soundtrack, blisteringly quick gear shifts, and aero you can feel working in conjunction with the low weight to offer outstanding performance. The car demonstrates its boisterous nature from the word go with a burnout feature and a willingness to play around.

There will only be 500 of the 675LT Coupe, and this is set to be a hugely exciting story sharing the process as we go from here through the ordering process and onto delivery later in the year of the new Shmeemobile!

Thanks for watching, Tim


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