Martys 11 Second Project Car

11 second quarter miles and able to “destroy all Nissans?” Done on the cheap and with almost total stealth? Thats the goal for Martys new project car which Marty and Moog will be building up with the goal of being able to beat an R35 GTR down the 1/4 mile.

On a technicality Marty lost his 180SX Drift Car which Moog replaced with a Nissan Figaro. Marty smack talked that he’d crush his car if Moog could find a car for under $2000 that could beat his 1.3L Blue Turd around a track. Moog brought a cheap V8 to the track and flushed the Turd, and Martys beloved Cuore was crushed! See the video here:

Moog then tried to get Marty into a VW but after much complaining and whinging, the Polo GTI was sold and Moog finally gives in and gets Marty what he’s always wanted… And finally Marty has stopped complaining.

Meanwhile Moog has got his hands on his own new car which will be revealed in our next episode!

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