Legendary Subaru EJ: 1,000-hp Performance, If You Want — /ENGINEERED

[PART 1 of 2] Vince “Vince Built” Griffin from Prime Motoring, builder of 1,000-hp Subaru engines, delivers the lowdown on the legendary EJ. What are the advantages of an EJ, how much power can you expect, and more. Contents:

Advantages of the EJ: 1:23
Common Problems (and solutions): 2:12
Top-Mounted Intercoolers, Yes or No?: 4:38
How Much Power Can An EJ Make?: 5:39
Choosing a Downpipe: 7:40
Cats or No Cats?: 8:09
Exhaust Tubing (Choosing Sizes): 8:22
Manual Boost Controller vs Electronic: 8:53
Injectors: 10:04
Common EJ Build Mistakes: 10:44
The Importance of a Tune: 11:18
Block Reinforcement: 12:24
— Sleeved or Closed Deck?: 13:10
Building for the Performance Application: 14:28
How Long Will it Last?: 15:22
What to Watch Out For: 16:20
How Do You Build For a New Customer?: 18:30

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