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Jaguar have a new range of Jaguar XE accessories to personalize their XE to suit their needs and tastes. Specifically designed Jaguar XE roof bars and a bespoke, folding Jaguar XE bike rack, Jaguar XE Roof Box, in car cool box. In extreme temperatures, the InControl Remote Jaguar XE App also provides the option of pre-heating the Jaguar XE’s cabin from your phone.
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Jaguar has announced a new range of accessories which will enable customers to personalise their Jaguar XE to suit their needs and tastes. From the very beginning drivers can choose an Jaguar XE that suits their lifestyle, with seven Jaguar XE engine derivatives available, each allowing three Jaguar XE suspension settings and up to 12 Jaguar XE wheel options.

Available in 18 Jaguar XE colours with 24 styling options, more than 40 utility options and a further 17 car care and maintenance items, this is the most configurable Jaguar XE ever.

Smart technology supports this cleverly engineered car, with innovative new technologies augmenting the experience behind the wheel of the Jaguar XE. An optional Head-Up Display (HUD) projects key information onto the windscreen, directly in your line of vision. Also available is the InControl infotainment suite, including InControl Apps and InControl Remote, a smartphone app which connects drivers to their Jaguar XE remotely, allowing them to view fuel levels and lock or unlock the car from a distance.

Kevin Stride, Jaguar XE Vehicle Line Director, said “The level of choice available when buying a Jaguar XE truly reflects how this car has been engineered with our customers in mind. From the key base decisions that every customer makes, all the way through to very subtle extra touches, the Jaguar XE can be personalised to suit the customer’s lifestyle or to reflect their own taste.”

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For those who love the outdoors, the XE can be adapted with ease for leisure activities, with specifically designed roof bars and a bespoke, folding bike rack being just some of the accessories available. In extreme temperatures, the InControl Remote App also provides the option of pre-heating the XE’s cabin from your smartphone. The heated windscreen also provides a few precious extra minutes before journeys. These Jaguar XE features combined with heated and cooled seats and dual-zone climate control create a car geared towards individual passenger comfort.

For longer journeys the aerodynamically-designed, 430-litre Jaguar XE Sports Roof Box is ideal for carrying clothing and biking accessories and the Central Armrest Chiller provides useful, cooled stowage for bottled water.

The interior of the car can also be tailored for the individual, with practical options to protect belongings, such as the rubberised load floor and Premium Seat Back Stowage for secure storage for documents or tickets. The 40, 20, 40 split seating arrangement allows for flexibility and stowage for larger items. Utilities include everything from a range of towing systems to a machined aluminium Rechargeable Torch and Dock. Customers can also opt for a Snow Sock Traction System for use in extreme weather conditions, or a range of Child Safety Seats tested specifically for the XE.

Optional safety features also include Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB), Lane Departure Warning, Traffic Sign Recognition and 360° Parking Sensors.

Ambient lighting with 10 colour variants can be adjusted to suit the driver’s mood and to highlight an array of visually striking trim accessories. These include Carbon Fibre Mirror Covers and Carbon Fibre Side Power Vents with Gloss Black produced by Jaguar Special Vehicle Operations, the new division responsible for the F-TYPE Project 7 and the F-TYPE Team Sky Support Car. Other examples from the styling range include the Luxury Load space Carpet Mat with Jaguar logos, Personalised and Illuminated Sill Tread Plates or the R-Sport-branded Multi-Function Steering Wheel.

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All accessories have undergone exhaustive testing to ensure robustness in challenging environments like coastal areas where exceptional corrosion resistance is essential. They are also engineered to meet stringent global safety standards. All Jaguar XE accessories can be ordered with a new car or purchased as an after-sales item and fitted by the dealer.