Golf GTI Paints with Light! – Motor Trend presents The Golf GTI Project – Captured With GoPro

With the help of Formula D pro driver and drift specialist Dai Yoshihara, the Motor Trend team sets out to pull off a one-of-a-kind photo shoot. Working at night on a huge expanse of tarmac under towering floodlights, the pro driver dances the GoPro GTI across the open course, executing carefully choreographed maneuvers and high-speed acrobatics. Working with the MT photography team, the driver practices his marks until its just right, then… the flood lights switch off! Total darkness, except for a bright light mounted atop the rear spoiler of the GTI. Our driver then repeats his perfected maneuvers in the dark, while Motor Trend Director of Photography, Brian Vance, sits high atop the action — capturing a one-of-a-kind long exposure photo of the GTI literally painting a huge “GTI” below in arcs of light!

1 all-new Volkswagen Golf GTI. 100 Go Pro cameras. 100+ hours of footage. Motor Trend presents The Golf GTI Project – Captured With GoPro. We’re handing the keys and the cameras over to the cast and crew behind your favorite Motor Trend shows, to create a collection of original short films starring the ultimate camera car — a 2015 Golf GTI loaded inside and out with 100 GoPro cameras. We’ll bring you everything from hot laps to road trips to car chases to skate videos and more! Premiering all this June on the Motor Trend Channel (

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