Driving my 650S Spider at Silverstone – Pure McLaren

I attended Pure McLaren at Silverstone, where it allowed an opportunity to start exploring and learning my 650S Spider on circuit.

The event offers owners and guests a variety of different aspects from driving their own cars, to performance courses, and even full-on support teams for their GT3 cars.

Due to the nature of the events, they allow McLaren owners to visit the track in a safe environment alongside others with similar ambitions, and have training at different levels as required.

Having not previously brought my 650S Spider to a circuit I took part with an instructor to teach me the ropes before putting in a good few laps on the International Circuit here, and the following day around the Silverstone GP circuit.

It was a brilliant two days, great experience in the car and being able to truly push it in a safe environment is always good!


Thanks for watching, Tim

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