Detailing the McLaren 675LT at Topaz [Road to 675LT Episode 09]

Upon arrival of the McLaren 675LT at Topaz Detailing it was straight inside via a wash and snow foam to be prepared for masking and ultimately to start the detailing process.

As you would expect with a bespoke paint finish from MSO, the quality is exceptionally high, vastly in excess of what you would normally expect from a manufacturer factory however there is always room for improvement! As an art that comes down to man hours and the right skills, detailing can always perfect paint finishes in a way that a machine or factory could never truly recreate.

With the car immediately afterwards to be covered with Paint Protection Film, it’s important to do so over the top of very well prepared paintwork, hence the extra detail to completely perfect it.

Topaz Detailing can be found at:

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