BMW HP4 RACE Details + Dyno Runs – CARBON FRAME!

Upclose and personal look and San Jose BMW’s New Carbon Framed HP4 RACE as they bring it over to FastlineCycles to see what kind of numbers this beast puts down. BMW Claims 215hp, lets see what it puts down… This may be the first time one of these has ever been on a dyno.

12 Fast Facts on the BMW HP4 RACE:

1. The 2018 BMW HP4 Race gets slimmed to 377 pounds wet due to three chassis elements that are entirely constructed of carbon fiber–the frame (17.1 pounds), the self-supporting rear frame and the wheels

2. Though the HP4 Race’s light weight is apparent in handling, the carbon-fiber wheels, which are 30 percent lighter than light alloy forged wheels, have a tremendous affect on braking.

3. The HP4 Race arrives with a race-ready 1000cc inline four that is derived from BMW efforts in FIM Endurance World Championship and World SBK S 1000 RRs. The engine produces 215 horsepower @ 13,900 rpm, and 88.5 ft/lbs of torque @ 10,000 rpm

4. But there’s one snag for that much power; the engine only has a life of 3,000 miles until it needs to be replaced for about $20,000 USD.

5. The suspension features online the best Öhlins suspension components–an FGR 300 fork and TTX 36 GP shock–which are identical to the components used in WorldSBK championship.

6. The 2018 BMW HP4 Race arrives with a Suter swingarm that was designed with input from former factory BMW S 1000 RR pilots Marco Melandri and Chaz Davies

7. BMW is known for its savvy electronics across its entire motorcycle lineup–from the R 1200 GS to the R nineT–and the HP4 Race brings electronics to a world-class racing level

8. The BMW HP4 Race arrives with four riding modes–Intermediate, Dry 1, Dry 2 and Rain.

9. You name it, it’s likely adjustable, from the three-stage height adjustable frame to the offset of the fork

10. The 2018 BMW HP4 Race arrives with a 2D dashboard and 2D data recording, and setup can be fully customized.

11. With only 750 models produced, and just 10 percent of those coming stateside, the Bavarians have created one of the most exclusive superbikes ever offered for the public.

12. There is no a comparison even worth making between the 2018 BMW HP4 Race and the S 1000 RR. The HP4 Race is a factory race machine built for the true track/racing enthusiasts. The HP4 Race provides the ultimate platform to truly squeeze every hundredths of a second out of a lap time. It comes equipped with absolutely everything needed for a customized riding experience, from numerous adjustments to the chassis, suspension and ergonomics. The 2018 BMW HP4 Race will always outperform its owner, which is never a bad trait for a motorcycle.