2016 Buick Avenir DRIVING / Interior / NO Engine Sound Detroit 2015 NAIAS Commercial CARJAM TV 4K

Buick Avenir driving, new flagship model, next generation V6 engine (Cadillac CT6), stop-start technology, four occupant luxury seating, full LED lighting, 4G connectivity, selectable suspension settings, 9-speed automatic transmission
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The Buick Avenir concept is a flagship sedan exploring progressive design, withall-new levels of passenger well-being and technology integration.
The interior of the Buick Avenir was designed specifically with the driver and passenger’s state of well-being in mind. Buick Avenir was designed to rejuvenate its occupants with comfort, connectivity and colors that reward the senses, make managing technologies easier and enhance the feeling of personal space.
The Buick Avenir is a concept car manufactured by the Buick division of General Motors.
The Buick Avenir was unveiled at the 2015 North American International Auto Show as a prototypical concept study on the future of the Buick brand. Buick Avenir was designed in GM’s Australian design facility, with its exterior design led by Warrack Leach.[2]

The Buick Avenir name of the vehicle “Avenir” means “future” in French. The vehicle features a new generation direct injected V6 engine, cylinder deactivation with stop-start technology, a 12-inch touch pad infotainment system, four occupant luxury seating, full LED lighting, 4G connectivity, selectable suspension settings, 9-speed automatic transmission and a system that General Motors has referred to as a “dual clutch all wheel drive system”.

Buick Avenir is reportedly built on the Omega platform that will be shared with the upcoming Cadillac CT6 flagship sedan.[3] Though the vehicle is a concept, Buick Avenir is widely speculated that Buick will launch a very production version as GM has stated that Buick Avenir will receive an Omega sedan derivative and market conditions, especially in the Chinese market are optimum for Buick Avenir.
Buick, formally the Buick Motor Division /ˈbjuːɨk/, is an American automobile division of the American manufacturer General Motors (GM). For much of its existence in the North American market, Buick has been marketed as a premium automobile brand, selling entry-level luxury vehicles positioned above its mainstream GM stablemate Chevrolet, and below the flagship Cadillac division. Buick holds the distinction of being the oldest active American marque of automobile, and the original Buick Motor Company was a cornerstone of the establishment of General Motors in 1908. Before the establishment of General Motors, GM founder William C. Durant previously served as Buick’s general manager, while his friend Louis Chevrolet worked as a racing driver for Buick and later learned automotive design working there. In 1939 Buick also pioneered the use of turn signals, which did not appear on other car brands until almost a decade later.[1]

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Since the discontinuation of Saturn in 2009, GM has positioned Buick to be an analogue to its German Opel brand, sharing models and development. Buick-branded vehicles are sold in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and China. Buick sold 1,170,115 vehicles worldwide in calendar year 2014, a record for the brand.