ZR1 Corvette SLAYER Package 830HP

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**2010/11 ZR1 SLAYER PACKAGE**830HP

C6ZR1 1 7/8 American Racing Stainless Steel Headers

C6Z American Racing X-pipe with high flow cats

02 Extensions

NGK Spark Plugs(Iridium)

MSD 8.5m spark plug wires

Custom Heat Exchanger

Heat Exchanger water pump with connector

C6 ZR1 Corvette High Flow Air Intake for LPE SC Snout / Front Cover / Comes with 2.6 Supercharger Pulley 19%OD

C6 ZR1 Corvette High Flow Air Intake for LPE SC Snout / Front SC Cover

09/11 Corvette ZR1 Harmonic Balancer Kit

LS9 160* Thermostat

LS9 Comp Cam Kit, Comp custom grind cam shaft, comp Double valve spring kit good for .675 lift, Titanium Retainers(custom for ZR1), Spring Seats, Valve seals, and comp chromoly pushrods

Water pump gaskets, Oil pump inlet tube, front cover, crankshaft front seal

LS9 Crank Bolt

Mild to Wild Exhaust Switch

Lowering Bolt Kit

Mobil One Synthetic Oil

Mobil One Oil Filter


Professionally Installed

Forced Induction Dyno Tune

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