Wörthersee Tour 2016 – EnStance & Violent Clique

It’s not JDM but nevertheless its an awesome video!

EnStance & Violent Clique present to us there coverage of there trip in Wörthersee, Austria.

The Video wasn’t intended to be in any way professional, just simply wanted to share with you all what its like 2 weeks prior to the main event. Hope you all enjoy the video!

Please note that there wasn’t as much footage in the video of cars we saw there due to losing some content which was stored on the memory cards which was left in a car which happened to have been stuck in the snow. The snow melted in the car leaving the memory cards in a pool of water which for some reason ended up corrupting them.



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All credit goes towards the film maker/editor.

If anyone feels this is offensive or that they don’t want it uploaded then please message the channel and we will sort it out. I do not own the video but only to upload it and spread it around YouTube for people to enjoy it.