Why YOU WILL HATE the NEW 2020 BMW M135i!!

Why YOU WILL HATE the NEW 2020 BMW M135i!!
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Uh Oh, this doesn’t happen often, but I hated the new 2020 BMW M135i! I drove it for 600 miles in one week and unfortunately didn’t bond with it at all! Watch the video to find out why!

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36 Replies to “Why YOU WILL HATE the NEW 2020 BMW M135i!!”

  1. Anthony Spencer

    I donโ€™t think you know the difference between a i8 and a 1970s milk float. Iโ€™m sorry but your in a 1 series and not a M car. Have you considered doing reviews on pallet trucks ?

  2. Paul Lockwood

    Paul. The best review you've done in ages. Absolutely bang on. I'd run to a dealer to buy a 12 month old M2 instead too! BMW have sold out with it, but they won't care. They'll sell millions of them.

  3. lewisk112

    Paul it isn't an 'M' car it is an M Light version within the series hence it isn't an M1 which doesn't exist. Good review of the current 135i though, seems to be lacking lots of character and that's mainly due to the engine in my opinion.

  4. CoolThunder

    You know that lad who comes up to you on a petrol station forecourt to chat absolute bull๐Ÿ’ฉ with facts made-up on the spot? This is him.
    Although we agree on 1 fact…the new M135i is a bag of dicks

  5. JJB

    Paul, did you experience any torque steer when on it?

    I had one for a few hours last weekend and noticed that the car torque steered, was filming at the time and my reaction was hilarious.

    Hopefully reviewing an M3/M4 to bring back the love for M.

  6. owly

    – handles worse
    – more expensive/ higher MRP
    – cheap japanese AISIN gearbox in place for the good german ZF transmission in the old 135i/140i with longer reaction times and less capable Max NM in tuning perspectives
    – less power (306 in stead of 320/326/340hp in the precedessors)
    – less cylinders
    – less sound in db(a)
    – no RWD option
    – bulkier look (like he said 2 series caravan or lowered x2)

    BMW: "People will love this."

  7. James Dean

    Well, it's a great daily driver. Supple, well damped, updated interior and you don't pay ยฃ43k. Discount today is 13%. Oh, it's not an M car. My wife doesn't want an AMG either, we've just sold one as it crabbed and it was 5 button pushes to set the alarm with the dog in it.

  8. Introspect

    I did bond with it and bought one. I'm an old hand driver enthusiast with decades of experience of owning a broad range of performance cars. The M135i is, for me, (very important to say "for me"), a great drivers car with feeling, good and satisfying in the bends and corners. My most recent cars were a Focus RS Mk3 and a Golf R 7.5. I can highly recommend the M135i xdrive as a fantastic drivers car with excellent refinement also ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ™‚

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