Why THIS is the Aventador I would buy!

Why THIS is the Aventador I would buy!
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The Lamborghini Aventador S vs the OG Lamborghini Aventador! This Baby Blue Aventador S is the dream spec, and is a car I’ve always loved ever since I drove it!!

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27 Replies to “Why THIS is the Aventador I would buy!”

  1. Carl Hughes

    Imo super cars are characterless, yeah they are fast but I prefer things like amg’s and m powered cars, more fun and use able and I’m a gt4 owner 😔

  2. Rogier

    I really liked this video, thank you 🙂
    The different shots while you were talking made it more varied and focussed on a car that is a thing of beauty. 
    Well done, I hope this channel soon gets the attention it deserves again!

  3. Jesse harfield

    I with paul on everything he says > I chose to buy an S over Sv and svj and love it > I drove to Geneva flat out and 6 hours in the car got out and could walk |> needs comfort seats though to make that happen

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