Which Supercar I REGRET Selling the Most?

Which Supercar I REGRET Selling the Most?
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Recently I’ve been rewatching my old videos. Watching the adventures in my various supercars. I’ve had a lot of you guys ask me which one I miss the most. Here is the video you’ve been waiting for:)

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[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gH_t6jGTqLY?rel=0&w=580&h=385]

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10 Comments on “Which Supercar I REGRET Selling the Most?”

  1. The R8 in the Iron Man wrap was the car that brought me to your channel.
    Have followed you ever since and man what a journey…
    Loved the Baby Blue wrap and my god do you remember the Armytrix exhaust with the matte grey and bright yellow/green accents?
    That was nuts haha!
    Also loved the AMG GTS in True Blood, what a stunning color that was.

    Don't forget all of the other cars you've owned, like the C63. Loved that car in matte grey with the blue accents.

  2. I am a Lamborghini lover your Huracan was the business.On this Lockdown times it would be great to show some of your Supercar spotting in London days and talking about them. I did watch your interview with mrjww talking about your carspotting days 👌

  3. Didn't appreciate the gts at the time, now I quite like it, but it's missing something at the back so I think the gtr is perfect

  4. All of them were stunning cars Paul! Whats happening with the whole drifting? The drift Content suddenly stopped? You are pretty good dude?? Hope your all well 👍

  5. I miss the AMG GTS the most! Been a big fan of this channel since it started and it’s so sick to see the journey you’ve been on not only with the cars but also just generally! Seeing you progress from an R8 (my dream car), to now where you’ve had so many cool cars and experiences is awesome man! Keep smashing it 👍 Dan x

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