When You’re BORED at the Nurburgring!

We’re bored at the Nurburgring, however it’s the epicentre of car things so let’s find some stuff that’s going on! Ending with a run of the Atomic GT-R on the dyno was not remotely a bad way to go about it. Just listen to how that sounds as it pops a flame or two…

Starting with a stop trackside at the Nordschleife where the BMW Driving Experience M4 train is heading in both directions on circuit, we then head over to the industrial park via the scene of a rather intriguing Aston Martin crash. The first visit is to GetSpeed where the workshop is loaded with racing goodies and things to see: 911 GT3 Cup, Huracan GT3, GT4 Clubsports etc. Next we head to Atomic and RENNtech where we can listen to the GLE 63 making quite some rasp before finding out the Atomic GT-R is heading over to the REM dyno!

Off we go, where we can explore the REM workshop and see the full spec Atomic car that’s being worked on. Then it’s actually dyno time with the GT-R being programmed to introduce a rolling launch control system for rolling starts in the drag races, quite intriguing!

Thanks for watching, Tim

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