When Will I Buy a McLaren 720S? Q&A Time

It’s time for a Q&A! I asked for your questions on social media over the last few days so let’s run through some of them! Firstly I’d like to thank Razer for hooking me up with the new Blade laptop to help out with my recent video editing issues. By far and away the most frequent questions revolved around buying a McLaren 720S, or upgrading to one from the 675LT Spider, but let’s go over that and much more. Anything else you’d like to know?

If you’d like to know more about the razer Blade, please see: http://rzr.to/shmee150

1:41 @dara_atkinson If you had to replace the McLaren, what would take its place?

2:21 @gtslord What’s your annual budget for fuel and tyres? What is your favourite tyre brand?

3:54 @georgiou.panagiotis Worst care you have ever driven?

4:35 @carlesmengual What do you think of electric supercars?

5:36 @stevenklaaseens Are you going to buy a proper classic car in the future? With proper I mean 60s 70s 80s

6:19 @stevensanderz What future plans do you have with your YouTube channel and would you look at expanding your car collection even more or maintain the sort of cars you have at the moment?

8:25 @lukaswilhelmi02 Ever considered a tour through Scandinavia?

8:45 @malliewe How are you going to manage your fleet being in two different countries?

9:28 @carloss_diz9 Where will Shmee go in 3 years time?

10:17 Lots of McLaren 720S questions! Will I buy one? Future models? Upgrade from 675LT?

11:48 @kxrabo What was the hardest sale and easiest buy out of the cars you’ve owned?

12:45 @filippos.3.vas Is there any car you regret buying?

13:12 Questions about the Frankfurt IAA Motorshow

13:43 @leoreguric What is the biggest challenge in creating daily content and how do you manage to rest doing so

14:40 @fastsocs We have seen the video where you explain the reason behind your name ‘Shmee 150’ What we would like to know is, if you could start again from the beginning, knowing how big you were going to become would you have chosen a different name and if so have you ever had any thoughts about what that name might have been?

15:50 @brian_lloyd_photography What drive or drives still elude you?

16:38 @rykkleinhans Do you ever drive one of your cars and think its too fast?

17:08 @johnjordan5228 You guys on YouTube make driving in Europe looks easy but having done myself loads of mistakes happen, what are your stories if any?

17:53 @aarav_b_ What is your biggest achievement in life?

18:51 @antonmartinh Where will the 87 TB plate go?

19:40 @craigjw1 How much longevity do you think is in YouTube and now that you are fast approaching your 30’s how do you see things going in the next 10 years and what are your life goals?

Thank you for all your questions!

Thanks for watching, Tim

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