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Ladies and Gentlemen, I upload this video with EXCITING news that myself and Eurospares have purchased a FERRARI!!

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  1. Christopher P Williams

    I think they should've waited for Seen Through Glass to have finished his world tour. He's definitely somebody more appreciative of the Ferrari brand.
    I do like Paul but he has such a blind bias towards Lamborghini and even McLaren. Ferrari don't always get it right but they do so more than most.

  2. Fiifi Forson

    I honestly think you are a Ferrari guy, please with the cars you review can they be official ( no crazy mods, off spec) I think it’s better for your brand, credibility, and content

  3. Ahmad Thaqif

    i live in Singapore. If u see the car prices in Singapore you’ll get shocked. Just a normal Ferrari California cost SGD950,000. You can buy the latest Ferrari model with that amt of money in the UK. Love from Singapore!!

  4. Mirko Dell'Aria

    You are a Lambo guy and i respect your passion. I have been following your Channel for years because you deserve it. However i think you should give to Ferrari a chance, bring on the Channel more ferrari content and, why not, add one Prancing horse to your garage. Hopefully you will Keep the upcoming car on the Channel for a Long time.
    This is simply my opinion.

  5. Karl a

    Come on as a viewer that driving was so boring it did not show us much of the noise or power of that amazing car. It was old man driving ha ha.

  6. R Tap

    My fav ferrari from the naughties was the 430. As I get older now its the 599 and F12 that I dream of owning.

    This 599?, simply georgous. I'd just park it in my garage and look at it, or lick it……

  7. Citrus

    Good lord…. I’m not gonna have a dig cause I was once a massive fan of this channel but I really feel like he’s struggling in a small sense… seriously wtf was this video, the content of this video was just useless. Why say you got a car only to waft on about some fucking letter from a Ferrari dealership about a fake 599 GTO. Dude ffs you better fix up this channel when your new car comes

  8. Chris Hewson

    The ferrari looks fantastically cool and sounds so aggressive, i can see you permanently in that. Great videos by the way, i always look forward to seeing them more than other YouTubers.

  9. Tom

    maybe its just me or a weird lighting angle,but it seems like the gap on the right side where the front hood meets the front bumper is slightly larger on the right side than on the left side 6:37

  10. Jordan K

    Hey Paul, the 599 GTO sounds totally different to the GTB due to the exhaust system being a 6 into 1. TOTALLY changed the sound. Someone has tried making a 6-1 for the GTB (only 1 as far as I know)

  11. Arjun Ramnath

    We like to ball out in Singapore. But also probably the reason why the person in Singapore who ordered this one in this spec was because the 599 GTO was banned after someone crashed and killed passenger and person who he crashed into after going through a red light.

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