UNICORN C6 – The Nastiest TT C6 Chevrolet Corvette we’ve encountered! The original Unicorn Corvette is back and BADDER than EVER! This Monstrosity of a Chevy Corvette, built by Prospeed Performance, is one of the wildest looking and performing Corvette’s we’ve had the pleasure of filming. We’ve witnessed this 2,000HP American icon of a car, battle traction and power delivery over the past years as it tries to tame the unruly power produced by this Unicorn. Fortunately for the Prospeed crew it looks as if they have finally made some solid headway and are progressing towards that 200mph pass they’ve sought after for so long! Pulling up into the lanes of the Rear Wheel Drive class during Texas Invitational’s Fall event, presented by Texas Speed Syndicate! Texas Invitational brings incredible street cars with insane power levels to battle it out down the airstrip of Caddo Mills airport through a 1500”, rolling start race!

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