TIME TO SELL | Garage Update!!

TIME TO SELL | Garage Update!!
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Here we go! The video I didn’t want to make just yet…It was always my plan to sell my Lamborghini around this time, but I wanted to have finished the paint project first!!

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34 Replies to “TIME TO SELL | Garage Update!!”

  1. alex0711a

    So confusing. The content was all over the place. Title talks about garage update, but then we see ppf on the 458, something about dynoing it. Then something about its new exhaust. Then he mentions new wheels for the 458, but does not show them afterwards. Terrible content

  2. Leooz Wow

    A lot of you hating on this video but I think that he is making the best decision for the channel and also for his credit. Mind you that cars cost and money has to be earned. This man has made a decision which I respect and if you don't then unsubscribe. You don't always have to see things with a close mind, try and put yourself into his shoes.

  3. BobH809

    Paul, may I give you some advice? Whilst working in Riyadh in the early 90's I had a chance to own and run my favourite Anerican vehicle, a red and silver Chevy Blazer. After some months of use, bashing about the desert, driving to work etc, the transmission lost first and second gear. I had it fixed, but never drove it again because of the cost.
    Trust me when I say that selling it was the biggest mistake I made. I mean, I bought a Daewoo version of the 50's Astra. A 1.5 load of rubbish. Do not sell the car, despite the cost. No, I did not watch your video before writing this as this seems more urgent. That car is stunning, more so when it is fully assembled and ready to go. Do the right thing.

  4. sdadcdrd

    I bet you’ll be beating potential buyers of with a stick seeing as the market is flourishing and on the up😆 6months time, why I’m keeping my Lamborghini. Best of luck…. you’ll need it!

  5. Rob w

    Actually annoys me when people say "my car" when it's not.
    You have been given it to drive for a bit for advertising.
    Don't show off when you haven't bought it.

  6. Jim Wilson

    What happened to the bike? Thought being a biker was you’re latest thing? Its been too wet to be out riding, what a pussy. It’s like you and Archie Hamilton both have the attention span of around 1.8 seconds. There’s zero consistency.

  7. Simon Robinson

    Jeez I feel for Paul. I started watching when he had the Audi and was doing the epic drives to Monacco…..it was exciting seeing the adventures. Paul I hope you read these comments….you got a lot of subs if you transform your content you can be back at good views quickly.
    Regular uploads.
    Plan your video. Stick to a format at least until you turn it al around.
    Either improve quality or outsource it.
    Stick to the series you do at least 5 episodes. So plan the series and make it before you post it.
    You can turn the channel around quick. Good luck.

  8. C9 Novitech

    Paul mate you need to stop this 1 video a week it’s shit mate we want content daily vlogs I’m disinterested in your channel now days, so much competition on YouTube now and your not making the cut anymore

  9. Kaan Altinay

    So many negative comments… I think you do understand why these guys are complaining and I'm sure great videos are coming our way. I love that you have included people we love from the scene (stg, mr jww, tony…) in your last couple of videos. Its definitely a step in the right direction. Keep it up paul 💪stay strong. You've got your support from Turkey 🙂

  10. Davide D'Angelosante

    Love your contents, but you have worked so hard to buy your dreamcar and now you're selling it without enjoying its original spec. It show that at the end of the day money are more important than emotions, and this is sad to realize…

  11. Marko Polo

    It was great to see the 458 get some mods and some loving. Agreed about selling the Lambo, a low milage example so dont want to put miles on it so its not going to used.

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