THESE are the Ultimate Ferraris!

It’s Ferrari paradise! How many Ferraris do you count in this video?! BenzeneBen heads to Silverstone for the Ferrari Racing Days to take a look around and enjoy the sounds of Formula 1 cars, the FXX K and 599XX programmes, the 488 Challenge series and a whole host of road cars in the paddocks and on track for the parade lap.

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With the ultimate in motor sport with the F1 cars from various generations heading out on track, you then have a huge variety of action to experience like the highly exclusive XX programme that consists of the FXX K, 599XX and FXX; the racecar version of the LaFerrari, 599 and Enzo respectively. Additionally through the day the cup series for the 488 Challenge gets underway with pro and am drivers in separate classes, there’s a huge parade for private customer road cars out on the Grand Prix circuit, and finally just looking around the paddocks reveals some highlights like LaFerrari, Enzo, F40, F12tdf, 458 Speciale and so many more.

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Thanks for watching, Tim


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