The Scary COST to Finance a NEW Ferrari!

The Scary COST to Finance a NEW Ferrari!
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The scary costs associated to financing/ owning a brand new Ferrari GTC4 Lusso…

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39 Replies to “The Scary COST to Finance a NEW Ferrari!”

  1. John Birkholz

    I f I recall Shmees blue Lusso he purchased used. There also was a utuber that had tried one out in California San Diego dealership I believe TJ Hunt and I thought he should have bought it because like you said great deal used. I believe one option even though quite pricey you should have would be the glass roof because I think the steel roof may be a bit claustrophobic.

  2. PorscheSweden

    The best bargain Ferrai to be had right now is the FF, you can find fully loaded cars, one owner with low miles a little bit above the 120'000 euro mark. The FF is not much less than the Lusso when you factor in the cost of driving one….

  3. Cinar Gey

    CASH is the KING. Wanna be kids do everything to jump on these cars then realize how deep shit they are in. Imagine you paid cash 330,00 POUND for this car, you drive it 15 years. You will still able to sell that car for 100,000 pounds after 15 years. Your loss is only 230,000 pounds, which is only 15,000 pounds yearly. It is nothing for a rich man.

  4. Snap Happy Photography

    "Sits above Bentley" I so agree!!! Ferrari makes the most beautiful interiors without taking it too far. It's a perfect balance, of sportiness, shapes, design. and materials. Pagani for example makes art BUT those interiors are almost too spectacular. Ferrari's interior design is just so well balanced compared to everyone else

  5. FalconXE302

    The question is not how rich… it's how stupid.
    Interesting how Ferrari charge 2400 for Apple car play… while its standard in my Ford…! … hence why I say, how stupid.

  6. Elfin4

    Who in their right mind would pay £180K for a second hand car. I cant even afford £50k for a home. This is ridiculous, what kind of overpaid jobs to these people have.

  7. ToBeOrNotToBe

    Yes you are paying a crazy amount of money but it's the exclusivity. If you can easily afford such a car, then you couldn't care less how much all this cost and you certainly couldn't give a sh*t about £2400 car play. If you can only afford a Renault Clio tough luck but there's always going to be hundreds of people who can easily afford this.

  8. Gerard Healy

    interesting video.. thanks .. better than some of the muck others are putting up on youtube these days. I'm selling my car, i'm buying a car, why I'm selling my car.. ok I'll stop now… Great video anyway

  9. CK ROY

    This is a staggering amount of money to pay in order to sustain my over inflated ego. I may just afford to buy this car but I can't afford the associated running cost, I will need a garage as my drive is just not discreet. Nice car but too much cash to splurge on a liability, my logical side will invest such cash but then again I may never own a Ferrari. Just like the most people, Ferrari is a dream car and will remain so for a long time. Thanks for letting me know that my dream car is still miles away. Ok I will get on that Euro million roll over lottery.

  10. English Cad

    Like having a mortgage, but with nothing to show for the payments at the end. Who designed it Stevie wonder? Looks like a really crap estate car, it's proportions are all out of balance it is completely unpractical. If you want a stupidly quick estate car, buy an old V10 RS6 chip and catback delete to make 740bhp with no other mods. You have a car that will hit 60 in under 3 second and will do 200mph plus. All for around 20k far more practical and a better looking estate car. Quicker on real roads as well from A to B plus you can park it and not worry some idiot will damage it out of spite. I did just that, all in it cost 19 kept for a year sold it for 20.

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