THE REVEAL | Michelin's 24 Hour Challenge Ep.3

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THE REVEAL | Michelin's 24 Hour Challenge Ep.3
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Episode 3 of my ‘Long Lasting Performance’ Michelin movie takes us to VVS to reveal the car I have selected to do my 24 hour challenge in. I also reveal the strategy and route, AND get new Michelin Road 5 tyres fitted to my Honda CBR650R!! BUSY EPISODE!! ENJOY!!

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26 Comments on “THE REVEAL | Michelin's 24 Hour Challenge Ep.3”

  1. Easy to see how this challenge came up, driven at 56mph the Evo will do 250 miles on its 50litre tank, the Honda 190 miles on its 15.1 litre tank gives you 26 miles to run and hey presto 466 miles or 750km. Not sure why you need 24 hours though as your driving/riding will be done in 8 hours or so. Top tip, make sure vehicles are up to running temp before you brim the tanks and then head for the M25 at about 10pm. Good luck although I don't think you will need it.

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