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12 months to this day I bought my dream Lamborghini! It’s been up and down but fundamentally the ownership experience of a Murcielago has been the greatest EVER!!

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  1. Darren Lingham

    I really appreciate your candidness on camera about the reality of owning a car like this. Your attitude to making sure it holds value is not unique and this is why so many beautiful cars sit unused or end up doing laps around Mayfair and Knightsbridge to look good. Obviously it's your car and you can do what you want with it, but I really think you might regret not doing at least one decent road trip in it. Even if you get it trailered somewhere to take the heavy lifting motorway miles out of the equation, I think any trip you do in this car will be the trip of a life time.

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  4. tom shenton

    Paul I’ve watched your videos from the very start … and I mean the very start ! Stop talking about money and enjoy your car ! Find some decent content … the drift dream was such a good idea The content at the moment has been the worst it’s been on your channel You need to switch it up

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  6. S2000Y

    Paul me old mate, your maths needs some reconsideration. To bring your car up to the theoretical £200k mark you will need to A/ need a full repaint, B/ replace the clutch for the new buyers convenience and a dealer will charge you £15k to sell the car and take the responsibility of you getting you your money. That totals £30k conservatively. Then you have a car ( that aside from needing an MOT) you can't drive and while you are waiting for it to be sold still costs you £3k a month in finance/insurance etc. You can spin any yarn you want about free motoring but until it's sold there is no materialisation of asset value. Can't wait to see how few miles you have done once that not database is updated.

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  8. FalconXE302

    Back here after 6 months… to see if you had changed and become a nicer person… I see not.
    You said it doesn't depreciate… then you said you can't drive it long distances because it will depreciate.
    Basically the car owns you… you don't own the car.
    I think you forgot one thing… you are paying the finance company back and you are paying them interest…. you have most definitely not owned it for free. If it appreciates more than inflation then you may re-coup a small amount.

    You know… I used to like your channel back in the day when you actually did "Supercars of London"… it is a shame you turned into the person you now have. Such a shame.

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    Bullshit. Drive the car to the roadtrips. Memories and bonding with the car are invaluable. That 10k is looser bullshit reasoning that has no real monetary weight unless you sell your car, and even then you cant know where the market goes so… Ofcourse being a little boy and scared keeps you out of harms way, but it will not provide content nor enjoyments.

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  20. Tomas Pavlik

    Archie: supercars of London without supercar….. said Archie Hamilton racing with no racing at all 😀 ….. No offense guys . Like both Chanel's . All the best guys! 🙂

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  23. Say Ballah

    THEY COST around $500k in Australia what 200k that’s not cheap your lucky if the cars are cheap there over here there to expensive lambos and Ferrari’s costs way to much half a million

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