The 'MUST HAVE' 500bhp Modification for the Porsche 911!

The 'MUST HAVE' 500bhp Modification for the Porsche 911!
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How to make any Porsche 911 instantly more cool and more exciting! The Litchfield ECU tune AND Akrapovic Exhaust system! Myself and Sam ‘SeenThroughGlass’ tested out his Porsche 911 T to see how much better his car is now….Spoiler QUITE A LOT!!

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47 Replies to “The 'MUST HAVE' 500bhp Modification for the Porsche 911!”

  1. Racelinekarting

    Good to see Sam on the channel. But Paul, really? One video a week and a lazy passenger seat ride video at that??? Your audience followed your channel and made it grow so you can relax into the once a week churn out but quality is going down. A once a week video should be Mr JWW’s standard. Disappointing

  2. Zed Zone

    Now it just needs to go back to the lovely original colour. Do the brakes need upgrading with the power hike?? Also congrats Sam on James May liking your 360 the best on drive tribe.

  3. Callover Pete

    Not wanting to be a dampener but I've known folk reported by cops for dangerous condition for stuff on new motors like those extra bonnet mounted lamps – "likely to cause injury to pedestrians" – under Section 40A Road Traffic Act 1988.

  4. pagey3103

    Nice to see something different other than an AWD platform and boat loads of power… even if it is a brown Porsche with some garage flood lights bolted to the front to resemble a Renault A110🀨

  5. Alejandro Rubio

    The power came from the tune!! Slip-on only helps with sound but NO hp at all! Only when change catalyzers you gain power.
    I own carrera T Cobb Stage 2 with Akrapovic sports cats!


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