The Car Crash that Changed My Life | Ep.1

The Car Crash that Changed My Life | Ep.1
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Welcome to the Performance x Endurance Michelin series on SupercarsofLondon! 4 weeks, 4 episodes with ONE MASSIVE CHALLENGE! Enjoy Ep.1 as I attempt to become a racing driver for the day! Sharing True stories with Michelin Brand Ambassador Oli Webb.

*Disclaimer: Black car is not actual crash image due to legal reasons*

This video series is in collaboration with Michelin and is a paid promotion.

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20 Replies to “The Car Crash that Changed My Life | Ep.1”

  1. Ruby Baker

    Yeeeeessssss the first episode is here. I'm so excited for this series you have worked so hard on this Paul and I've seen on Instagram how hard you've worked and well done

  2. Tom Mouland

    So glad you had a big sponsor like Michelin (like everyone else) to get you through your hard times. You've let yourself down with this video pal, previously a big fan, but you've let yourself down with this

  3. G00neyBird

    This is great! This is a dream for driving enthusiasts like me so living vicariously thru you is fun👍. I’m a novice with about 25 HPDE track days experience so I’d luv to have an opportunity like you.

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