The BEST USED Performance Cars YOU CAN BUY w Tony!!

The BEST USED Performance Cars YOU CAN BUY w Tony!!
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What is the best used Performance car you can buy for….

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27 Replies to “The BEST USED Performance Cars YOU CAN BUY w Tony!!”

  1. Glacier Mint

    A lot of this car market was built on easy credit and PCP with high residuals giving low monthly payments, if that dries up, which seems likely as lenders will be building in high risk premiums, anyone that doesn't have the cash might have trouble financing the car even if has dropped value. Oh and add to the dilemma a big chunk of the market that will drop into negative equity.

  2. S2000Y

    Why wear a hat indoors, is your roof leaking. If this goes on for a couple of more months there will be an absolute flood of PCP cars coming onto the market at very cheap prices.

  3. Scott Hastings

    £10,000 – MK7 fiestas ST most fun out of the small hot hatch’s which are plenty tuneable
    £25,000 – FK8 civic type R
    £40,000 – I’d take an RS3 or an M2 comp not a big fan of the C63 or the M3/4’s

  4. Bely Bob

    Most people still don't get it! Car buying ia loss making business often costing way more than expected due to lacking maintenance in the past by a previous owner etc. New cars depreciate so fast it isn't funny anymore… Buy a classic Porsche and keep a lot of money in the pocket for buying a house!

  5. Liam Curran

    You could really go deep in the sub 15k market.. 335i on offer which vastly outweigh the performance of an st. There is also the sports category there such as an mx5 or 86. Something to consider.

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