Sensible Supercar Shopping | Car Finance Calculator!!

Sensible Supercar Shopping | Car Finance Calculator!!
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Can I buy a track focused supercar for my next car?! I collaborated with Magnitude Finance and Grange Cars to discuss the monthly payments on all the cars we’ve currently tested!!
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45 Replies to “Sensible Supercar Shopping | Car Finance Calculator!!”

  1. Mi Ba

    Lambo evo bro. Was also looking to get one this summer and magnitude did a sterling job…… however covid has put a delay but July seems to be a perfect time🙏🙏🙏

  2. Charles Taylor

    Man sits in a one room, loft space apartment whilst taking about spending hundreds of thousands on cars. Just seems a bit odd to me. I understand it’s a business, but Harry Metcalfe buys cars for tens of thousands and gets a hell a lot of views by using them on interesting trips. Why not try an old NSX, Lotus Esprit, 996 Turbo, Bentley Arnage?

  3. Graeme R

    There’s a lot more to a finance deal than deposit, monthlies and balloon. Why are these PCP packages 48 months when I assume you’ll never keep the car that long?

  4. Stephen Gibson

    Paul, if you get a Hurrican or an R8 then your channel is going backwards. Been there, seen it, done it. I would personally rather own the 600lt but the Aston DBS is a car with potential & i think a lot of us like it too.

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