Preparing My Lamborghini for THE PAINT JOB!!

Preparing My Lamborghini for THE PAINT JOB!!
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The biggest project i’ve ever had owning a supercar begins! I am painting my Lamborghini! Check out the team who will work on my car below:
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20 Replies to “Preparing My Lamborghini for THE PAINT JOB!!”

  1. phantom2k10

    Paul it was like you're oblivious to the downward slope of your channel smh and that is going to be your downfall.interact with your subscribers, respond to comments on all your social platforms.ask us what we want to see and how we want it done.its sad that you don't understand the importance of customer/supporters/subscribers

  2. Tomek Klinski

    I think you must see TAVARISH restoration of his manual Murcielago on his youtube channel is cool. I will recommend. And his car is from the movie Fast and Furious 🙂

  3. ANT D

    if this car going to be 2 mo. on the trip, Better be in very good condition, because this is UNRELIABLE Old car compared to a new model………

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