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Saying Goodbye to the Cupra, saying hello to the i30n and PASSING MY MOTORBIKE TEST!! The ultimate update vlog!!

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29 Replies to “NEW CAR'S & NEW BIKE | GARAGE UPDATE!!”

  1. Fezza1187

    Congratulations on passing your bike licence. I've been riding for about 1 and a half years and I still love almost every minute of it. Still have to wait another 2 years until I can get my full licence and don't have to deal with LAMS bikes (Learner approved motorcycles scheme) which is the restriction system we have in Australia

  2. Matt S

    I'd like to see the Hyundai i30N vs a equivalent GTI. Not a 230bhp GTI vs a 275 i30N put it against a clubsport or TCR and see how good it is then.

  3. Raj Nijjer

    Just hope you meet all the idiots on the road and learn how stupid drivers are and certain things they do to bikers without getting killed.

    I learned when filtering remember where the roads are because drivers try turn out and not see bikers filtering out always be wary when there's gaps between cars and I bet in London Peds do that alot. Also drivers at speed will move over so it looks like there giving you way not knowing your on 125 and make it really dangerous for you they sometimes even indicate.

  4. Gonzalo SanchidriΓ‘n

    Congratulations on passing your motorcycle test!!! Piece of advice! Depending on the motorcycle you have and where are you driving you should always travel on the right- or the left-hand side of the lane. NEVER in the middle! Why? 'Cause cars leak through the middle most of the times. So, in dry conditions, always on the right or the left, on the wet, slightly closer to the middle but still on the sides.

    When to choose right? When you are going at or over the speed limit, or when you are ready to overtake traffic, cars will see you more easily and that sets you on a more aggressive position to gt out of the way

    When to choose left? When you are going under the limit, or if you have a smaller bike on the highway… It's more defensive and it gets you out of the way from the get-go

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