My Quest to Find a Bugatti Chiron… | CAR SPOTTING

A little birdie told me that if I went car spotting, I might find a Bugatti Chiron…. well I failed that quest! However, it’s not all bad because I did stumble into a McLaren P1, Novitec N-Largo F12 and see a Bugatti Veyron Super Sport amongst many other supercars. It’s also a great opportunity to discuss car spotting in general and the shift in focus from the typical content on my channel from years ago. What’s your favourite car I saw in this video?

Car Spotting, whether it’s in London, Dubai, Monaco, Los Angeles or anywhere else, is always a game of luck – sometimes you find epic cars and sometimes you don’t. It’s fascinating how the arrival of Instagram and SnapChat really changed how this process works but also the ease of access to video and technology needed for it.

Thanks for watching, Tim