My Lamborghini Murcielago gets PAINTED BLACK!!!

My Lamborghini Murcielago gets PAINTED BLACK!!!
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HERE WE GO! My car finally gets painted gloss black at Barkaways! We check out some cars for sale too!
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The SOL Clothing Range:

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46 Replies to “My Lamborghini Murcielago gets PAINTED BLACK!!!”

  1. mham83

    You can tell a lot by the quality of the masking and these guys seem pretty damn thorough!… I wouldn’t fancy picking up the bill for this little refurb though.

  2. Tony Lawton

    You can see the lads at barkaways just want this idiot with the camera to piss off and let them do there job. who else walks around
    a car mid clear coat and risk contamination is beyond me, Nice colour by the way and i agree with lots on here
    a video of it getting ppf at NVN would be even more clicks and likes for you and Mr JJW to keep your lifestyle going.

  3. Peter Smith

    Don’t sell it now and especially not for a soulless 720S. Your channel has become well known for the Murci with the Fabspeed exhaust. Nobody will remember a 720S. The McLaren may be far quicker but the extra pace will not be apparent to your audience and will not be used unless u want to take it to the racetrack. Also, the Murci is likely to hold value whereas any 720 is likely to continue dropping all the way to 0.

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