My 675LT is Out of Hibernation! | VLOG

It’s been a while since I last drove my McLaren 675LT Spider but after flying back home to sort some things out and move cars around, what better opportunity than to jump into the LT and head around London to spot some cars! First up though, its a last, last, last goodbye to the Ferrari FF and then getting the Aston Martin GT8 cleaned at Posh Wash before bringing the 675LT out to the streets. That P1 though…

With a fairly informal day ahead of me other than a few tasks and errands to sort out, it’s a loose vlog as we get the cars cleaned up and moved around, I drive my friends BMW M135i, and then do a spot of window shopping at the supercar dealerships of central London including Aston Martin, Lamborghini and Ferrari. Following this video though I have another outing planned in the 675LT where the legs can be stretched a bit more – bring it on!

Thanks for watching, Tim