Mercedes-AMG Project One or Aston Martin Valkyrie?

The hypercar game is moving on fast, Mercedes-AMG have launched the Project One that will go up against Aston Martin and Red Bull’s Valkyrie; both offering insane levels of performance in cars that simply look like they have come back in time from the future. Where the Chiron, LaFerrari, P1 and 918 Spyder have familiarity as road cars, Project One and Valkyrie have more appearance of something straight from the race track. Let’s take a look at these two up close, I can’t wait to see them go head to head!

Aston Martin did not host a stand at IAA but did however put on a private event where we can see the original AM-RB 001 concept. This was the clay model launched to introduce the car to the world but prior to the second iteration with some further changes that came with the name we now know it by of Valkyrie. The car features a 6.5l NA V12 supported by electric motors for a power output of around 1,146PS while carrying a weight of only 1,030kg… it doesn’t take much to realise this is going to be a fast car! The significant difference to any other car of the era is the cabin in a teardrop shape with most of the downforce capability coming from underneath the car.

Mercedes-AMG brought the long await Project One to IAA with Lewis Hamilton bringing it on stage, it will be the closest experience to Formula 1 as it features the familiar 1.6l turbocharged V6 that revs to 11,000rpm from the championship winning F1 racecar. Supported again by electric motors the power output is headed towards 1,034PS with a target weight of around 1,300kg; again these are extraordinary numbers.

Both cars are no doubt spectacularly fast, both have price tags around £2.5 million, both look crazy and feature innovative aerodynamics, but what a head to head this is going to make when customer cars start to arrive in the years to come, bring it on!

Thanks for watching, Tim