lp640 exhaust sounds

lp640 exhaust sounds
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47 Replies to “lp640 exhaust sounds”

  1. CassettePlaya1

    @MrHemiRam03 Probabkly because they see them all the time when in London, especially the more affluent areas. But all I ever see when I'm in London are BMW's, Mercedes, Audi's and Porsche's

  2. MattFaulknerMusic

    @Matrixmadman I don't own a car, I drive my dad's Audi A6 because I'm covered under company insurance and it is not a good investment for me to buy my own car with the small amount of use i'd get out of it. If I do ever have the money spare for a Lamborghini, I'd buy it for the shape and speed rather than the fact that it makes a loud noise.

  3. Matrixmadman

    @MattFaulknerMusic Obviously they enjoy the speed and shape as well… once you add an aftermarket exhaust to ur car it makes that noise and a lot of people who are into cars love the sound they make.

  4. makiavelli999

    Maybach is a limo for senior citizens.. this on the other hand is supercars. I tested the Ferrari Enzo in Switzerland and that is one h… of a ride! As new I think it was for sale at 700 000 swiss francs or something..

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