LOUD Ferrari 458 vs Ferrari F12 TDF | TUNNEL SOUNDS!!

LOUD Ferrari 458 vs Ferrari F12 TDF | TUNNEL SOUNDS!!
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MrJWW and I decided it was time to destroy some tunnels!! Straight piped Tubi Ferrari 458 Italia and James’s Ferrari F12 TDF! Ridiculous sounds, hilarious reactions and most of the fun was made possible due to us both having new Michelin tyres on!!

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42 Replies to “LOUD Ferrari 458 vs Ferrari F12 TDF | TUNNEL SOUNDS!!”

  1. Devin

    Paul might have some bad luck here. The 458 might be too loud for his own mic to pick up the sound properly on. Remember his straight pipe gallardo? Same case. It was insanely good sounding when other people recorded it from far away. In his own videos it didn't come across. But James/JWW seems to like it in real life. I personally like what he's done, and can't wait for more videos to come out.

  2. Redding

    And here is me, thinking I made my car uncomfortable, by res deleting my golf gti 😀 Not the best on motorway, but it's a tesla compared to that 458.

  3. nahidrahman

    2:08, just out of interest, if you have a car that needs a Porsche/Ferrari specific tyre, even though they're not same 'size' and 'measurement' how do you go about getting that specific tyre? I can't imagine you can pick them up at your local KwikFit or blackcircles.com? Or can you?

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