Lamborghini LP640 Hamann

Lamborghini LP640 Hamann
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19 Replies to “Lamborghini LP640 Hamann”

  1. Arkanii1

    @jimmyjump1 Not really, Hamann tune only the aerodynamic, which are bodykit parts and some carbon fiber parts, and rims. Also they put a another exhaust on it, that is all. Engine is the same, anyway you are right it is a race car and you van't compare it with an Aston Martin for poo stabbers:)) Sorry for my english, i am from Germany^^ Greetz

  2. stellisnba

    well, of course the hamann lambo is faster than a 430 scuderia, since it costs twice as much. but in a race the gap is not twice as big! lesson: 430 scuderia is better value for money!

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