Lamborghini LP640 acceleration 0-60mph

Lamborghini LP640 acceleration 0-60mph
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Great sound of a decatted lamborghini lp640!

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50 Replies to “Lamborghini LP640 acceleration 0-60mph”

  1. Jake Nolan

    wrong, not all of them are, idiot. pre 2006 murcielagos were not lp640's. the lp640 was a new version of the murcielago released in 2006. educate yourself before you throw around things you don't understand,, maybe you won't end up looking like an ass.

  2. Robin Canetti

    @snowboard2000n I'm just wondering who's looking like an ass right now?
    Think, use your brain before you threw around things you don't understand… See the difference between LP640 is a Murcielago (that is true), and Murcielago is a LP640 (that is false)…

    Just love the way you wanted to show your knowledge on youtube…
    Maybe latter, elsewhere!

  3. Carwheeldrive BACKUP Account

    I think a v8 is a proper engine, and a v10 can be proper. v8 and v10s always have a much better power delivery and better thrust, and a v8 always sounds better than a v12. Did you ever here the sound of a vette grand sport, cause' sounds unbelievlably good, and the lambo gallardo supperlegger sounds better than this car.

  4. Carwheeldrive BACKUP Account

    I am from the US and I'm proud of that. nand we have all these other v12s and v10 engines and I heard the sound of ALL of the cars you mentioned, and none of them sound that good. The best sounding v10 I think is in the dodge viper srt-10. I'll send you a video of the grand sport, you have to here the sound of that car.

  5. Carwheeldrive BACKUP Account

    yeah its from a truck but its a 8.4 litre v10! thats so awesome and no other car with a v10 or v8 could get 600 horsepower without turbocharging or supercharging. The viper v10 doesn't rev that high but theres always a huge amount of power because of that, which means no lag of power like in one of those v12s. In a v12 most of the power is either at the high rpm or thid mid rpm. In the viper v10 the power is always there because theres sooo much torque, 560lbs to be exact.

  6. topgearownz

    wow, really, guys? sound is a personal opinion, some people like american v8s, others like the sound of rev happy italians (like this guy). agree to disagree, and agree that cars are awsome.

  7. Carwheeldrive BACKUP Account

    a proper petrol head likes more than just lambos. anyone likes lambos because most people know, seems to like you only like lambos. That not a proper petrol head, I like any car thats good for my taste, and yes I do like only one lambo, the gallardo lp560. But at least I like a lot of cars. People like you stick to one car, even when its oooollld as hell, and theres newer better cars out there.

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